About Us

Podcast Launch Agency is for experts & digital business owners that wanting to accelerate their growth online. 

Most experts are good at what they know, but when they decide to start a podcast don't know where to start and that's where we come in.

Ever since we started podcasting, it has been our way of life and we love it. It's not easy, but it's simple. We've build a team of experts and partners who love collaborating and seeing each other succeed and that's a goal for you.

Leverage our network and partnerships to become the go-expert in your field and scale your business podcast faster.

Our Story

In March 2021, Chris Cownden started his podcasting journey. In June 2021 after interviewing 52 experts in the digital entrepreneurship space, he launched Talking With Experts Podcast.

After interviewing the Head of Growth at AppSumo, Expert 50 he joined the AppSumo team and was later promoted as a Partner Success Manager. "That's the power of podcasting."

Chris made the most of the opportunity to ask questions, stay engaged and build a business relationship with AppSumo.

He continued to build relationships with other founders and experts like Alex Sanfilippo from PodMatch, Rob Actis from Podopolo, Mark Pafume from PodBean, Pratik Thakker from INSIDEA and lots more...

After lots of encouragement from Phil and other experts in his network, Chris launched Podcast Launch Agency in 2022 and joined forces with multi-award winning producers and top podcasters Phil Better & Mike Cavaggioni, the Founder of EditPods, who is Podcast Launch Agency's official editing partner. The best is yet to come.


Chris Cownden is the CEO of Podcast Launch Agency

Chris Cownden

The Expert Whisperer & Producer of Top 5% Podcast. Master at finding experts to collaborate with.

Phil Better is the Podcast Mogul who consults with all podcasters about growth and monetization.

Phil Better

The Podcast Mogul & Multi-Award Winning Podcaster and Producer of 15+ Top 10% or less podcasts.

Mike Cavaggioni is a veteran and retired U.S. Navy officer having served for 20 years. Mike is a licensed REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, Financial Coach, Real Estate Investor, and Podcast Host.

Mike Cavaggioni

Host of Top 1% Podcast and Founder of EditPods, our Official Editing Partner. Redeem special offer with PODLAUNCH 


Chris Acebu

Chris Acebu

Host of Mental Arsenal Podcast

I've been flirting with the idea of launching a podcast a few years back but never got around doing it. I got stuck in learning and planning mode, hoarding information and tools, and never really moving anything forward.

Chris does an excellent job at cutting down the noise and honing in on the salient parts of launching a podcast. You really get a sense of how much he loves doing this...which to me is everything!

June Sennon

June Sennon


Chris has a phenomenal work rate, kind and caring personality and wants to see me and all our peers succeed. He asked all the right questions and his work ethic is admirable. His websites are so professional and I can’t wait to see what comes of it in the next year or so. Keep going Chris! 

Dante Healy

Dante Healy

Host of Business Breaks - All Things Business Podcast

Working with Chris has been a game changer for my podcast. I am now able to secure high-level guests, improve my public speaking skills, and expand my network of relationships. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to take their podcast to the next level and overcome their struggles with inaction.

Jason Shaffer

Jason Shaffer


Chris is someone I look to for all things web design and podcasting. I enjoy every time I have the chance to talk to him because he’s always got something on and very intellectual. I can tell he loves what he does because he’s always smiling and takes a tonne of action. You don’t need to worry about Chris’ work ethic. He is always going above and beyond for his clients.

Lisa Khera

Lisa Khera

Host of Lessons From The Core Podcast

I have successfully launched my podcast, Lessons From The Core and I couldn’t have done it without Chris’s help and the challenge. Enroll in the next challenge and commit to launching your podcast and don't forget to tag me when you launch, so I can be a guest on your podcast and share the love.


Daouda Tamboura

Host of Predictable Growth Podcast (French Speaking)

Whatever business you're in, I bet you're considering podcast. If so, Chris is the real deal when it comes to everything podcast related. He is always there to help and support, no matter the time.

100% recommend Chris for all your podcast needs, not only for the quality of the program, but also for his amazing personality.


Pratik Thakker

Host of SaaS Unlocked Podcast, CEO of INSIDEA

It has been excellent working with Chris. His enthusiasm and dedication are both incredible. Great at networking and master at podcast skills. The best part is he is always willing to help. Absolutely worth recommending.

Tonya Gossage

Tonya Gossage

Host of Influence and Growth Mastery Podcast

 Chris has a heart of gold, one for helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dream through podcasting and surrounding them with experts in their field to help ensure their success. I have been podcasting for over a year, and meeting Chris through networking proves that your contacts equal your contracts. 

Samantha Henderson

Samantha Henderson

Host of The Creative Seat Podcast

I have tried and failed to launch my podcast because I did not have direction and didn’t put in the time to figure it out. The support and community is what made the world of a difference to me.