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Black Friday Live Event With AppSumo

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

To celebrate our partnership and gratitude for AppSumo, Chris Cownden is hosting a live event with AppSumo for their Black Friday sale. Meet the founders behind your favorite AppSumo deals and hear their vision for the future. Connect with other podcasters in our network and get the best tech to help you grow your podcast…

Castmagic: The Must-Have Podcast Tool for Every Content Creator

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

Castmagic launched on AppSumo in June 2023 after rocking the stage at SBSW with Noah Kagan and Sam Parr. What started as an internal tool for Blaine’s podcast, quickly gained traction among other podcasters who saw the immense value in Castmagic. It’s intuitive design and ability to handle various podcast formats, from interviews to monologues and panels, sets it…

Resound: AI Podcast Editor For Creators Is Live On AppSumo!

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

Editing every um, ah, and mistake out of your podcast shouldn’t take hours and hours, but it does. Resound is the AI podcast editor that automates podcast editing so creators can get their time back. Built by the same professional Audio Engineers behind Culpable and 15 other #1 podcasts, Resound is built to empower, not replace. Resound also help…

AppSumo Originals: Affordable & Simple Products To Help You Grow Your Business

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

AppSumo doesn’t just feature your favorite products…they make them too. The AppSumo Originals team creates affordable, simple products to help you grow your business. Check out their products to build your brand, improve your productivity, simplify your marketing, and more. 2. TidyCal – Seamlessly manage your calendar and get more bookings using this powerful scheduling tool 3.…

Start Your Podcast With AppSumo

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

Finding the tools to help you start your podcast is not always easy. Chris Cownden has curated a collection of tools for podcasters with AppSumo to help you get started. Start your podcast journey today by accessing AppSumo’s Podcast Collection. For a limited time only, get 10% off every deal on AppSumo this Black Friday.

Have You Got An AppSumo Addiction Like Us?

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

2 years ago, Chris Cownden invited 6+ podcast experts in his network to help the Podcast Launch Community improve their skillsets. In this live event he invited experts to share their top tips about launching a podcast as they celebrated their love for AppSumo live. Join us live this Black Friday for more love-sharing and…

TidyCal vs Calendly: Making The Right Choice For Your Business

By Chris Cownden | November 16, 2023

Are you curious about the differences between these two tools? Well, you’re in luck! Join David Kelly from AppSumo Originals as he shares TidyCal’s pricing strategy compared to that of other brands in the market like Mailchimp. In this episode, David Kelly from AppSumo Originals share his insights on how TidyCal and Mailchimp differentiate and what makes…

How To Increase Your Podcast’s Reach and Attract A Larger Audience

By Chris Cownden | September 17, 2023

Are you a podcaster seeking to take your podcast to the next level? Meet Jon Estes, the driving force of Business Development and Partnerships at Resonate Recordings. Podcasting is more than just hitting record and speaking into a microphone. It’s about crafting compelling content, fine-tuning the audio experience, and attracting the right audience. Whether you’re…

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