Castmagic: The Must-Have Podcast Tool for Every Content Creator

Castmagic launched on AppSumo in June 2023 after rocking the stage at SBSW with Noah Kagan and Sam Parr. What started as an internal tool for Blaine’s podcast, quickly gained traction among other podcasters who saw the immense value in Castmagic. It’s intuitive design and ability to handle various podcast formats, from interviews to monologues and panels, sets it apart from other AI tools in the market.

Castmagic helps fuel the content engines of top podcasts like Noah Kagan PresentsMy First MillionDTC Pod & more.

“The power behind AI is all in the prompts. I can say give me a post about podcasting, give me a quote, give me a final takeaway, and put all of that in the prompt. Castmagic does that through your audio files.” – SA Grant (Boss Uncaged)