Mastering Your Podcasting Game: A 12-Hour Live Event with Industry Leaders (15th May 2023)

Get ready for an electrifying LIVE 12-hour event on Monday 15th May 2023 at 12pm EST until Midnight that will revolutionize your podcasting game! We’re bringing together the biggest names in the industry to share their insider tips, strategies, and insights that will take your podcast to the next level.

This event is proudly sponsored by AppSumo and is designed to bust open the doors to entrepreneurship and podcasting and help you mastering the podcast game.

The event is hosted by the founders of Podcast Launch Agency: Chris Cownden, Phil Better & Mike Cavaggioni from EditPods.

Our goal is to inspire you and show off the tools we use to become top podcasters so you can replicate our success.

Our List Of Speakers Is Being Updated Daily & Here Are The Few That Have Confirmed...

  1. Austin Armstrong, CEO of – Master Social Media Strategy
  2. Rob Actis, Podcast Evangelist at Podopolo
  3. Nick Christensen, Head of Marketing at AppSumo
  4. SA GRANT, Boss Uncaged Podcast – Master Branding
  5. Deirdre Tshien, CEO of Capsho – Master Copywriting
  6. Brandy Whalen, Co-Founder of Kitcaster & GoWildCast – Master Advertising
  7. Pratik Thakker, CEO of INSIDEA – Master Outsourcing
  8. Mohamadi Tapsoba, CEO of TAWTHEME – Master SEO
  9. Mark Pafume, VP of Sales at Podbean
  10. Alex Nachev – Master Lead Generation
  11. Maxwell Ivey Jr – Master Accessibility
  12. Jonathan Street, COO + Senior Producer at Resonate Recordings – Master Podcast Production
  13. Jacob Bozarth, Co-Founder & CEO at Resound & Resonate Recordings – Master Sound Design
  14. Sebastian Jaeger, CEO of Filmstro – Master Audio Design
  15. Blaine Bolus, CEO of Castmagic – Master Repurposing
  16. Adil Amarsi, Copywriting Master (Over $900M in Client Sales) – Master Copywriting
  17. Chris Schelzi, Head of Growth at AppSumo – Master Growth
  18. Luis & Luis Camejo, Content Is Profit – Master Content Creation
  19. Hani Mourra, CEO of – Master Repurposing

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