Mastering The Podcast Game

For 12 hours straight we invited the biggest names in the podcasting industry to share their insider tips, strategies, and solutions that are helping them master the podcast game.

Meet the experts behind AppSumo, Podnews, Sounds Profitable, Capsho, Podopolo & more...

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Watch Industry Leaders In Action For 12 Hours

Austin Armstrong is the CEO of that helps you create your social media strategy in 10 minutes or less

Austin Armstrong, CEO at & Host of BusinessTok (Top 5%)


Rob Actis is the Podcast Evangelist at Podopolo, the only listener you need to amplify your reach and grow your listener base.

Rob Actis, Podcast Evangelist at Podopolo - Host of Life Transformation Radio (Top 1.5%)


Pratik Thakker is the CEO of INSIDEA and master marketer who will be showing you how to scale your podcast and why outsourcing is a must

Pratik Thakker, CEO of INSIDEA - Host of SaaS Unlocked


Sebastian Jaeger is the CEO of Filmstro, a royalty free music library that allows you to design and customize your own soundtrack.

Sebastian Jaeger, CEO of Filmstro - Master of Audio Design & Composing


Maxwell Ivey Jr is a master at web accessibility and making your podcast accessible.

Maxwell Ivey Jr - Master of Accessibility & Host of What's Your Excuse? Show (Top 10%)


Chris Cownden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Podcast Launch Agency and a master at building relationships and collaborating with industry leading brands.

Chris Cownden, The Expert Whisperer - Host of Talking With Experts Podcast (Top 5%)


Nick Cristensen is the Head of Marketing at AppSumo

Nick Christensen, Head of Marketing at AppSumo


Jon Estes is joining us from Resonate Recordings.

Jonathan Estes at Resonate Recordings - Master of Podcast Production


Brandy Whalen is the Co-Founder of Kitcaster & GoWildCast which is helping podcasts find top guests and vice versa and helping podcasters get more cash from advertising revenue

Brandy Whalen, Co-Founder of Kitcaster & GoWildCast - Host of Hosted (Top 2%)


SA GRANT is a master brand and growth expert who will show you how to set your brand up for success.
Phil Better is the co-founder of Podcast Launch Agency and a master at monetizing podcasts for entrepreneurs.

Phil Better, The Podcast Mogul - Host of Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneurship Podcast (Top 10%)


Mike Cavaggioni is the host of Top 1% podcast, Average Joes Finances and master finance expert who will help you make the best decisions that will make you a profitable podcaster.

Mike Cavaggioni, CEO of EditPods - Host of Average Joes Finances (Top 1%)


Deirdre Tshien is a master marketer and CEO of Capsho, the first AI Copywriter for Podcasters
Sounds Profitable was created by Bryan Barletta, a seasoned professional with over 13 years in the ad technology space, including tenure at podcast companies Megaphone and Claritas. Bryan was part of the team that created the world’s first shakeable ad in 2009. Bryan would be more than glad to be a guest on your podcast or to speak or moderate a panel at your next event.

Founder of Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable tackles the most important questions in Podcasting for Business.


Blaine Bolus is the CEO of Castmagic, a copywriting tool that converts your content into long and short form content for repurposing.

Blaine Bolus, CEO of Castmagic Master of Go To Market & Content Marketing- Host of DTC Pod (Top 2%)


Mohamadi Tapsoba is the CEO of TAWTHEME and an SEO expert who will show you how to dominate the SEO game for your podcast

Mohamadi Tapsoba, CEO of TAWTHEME - Host of The Entrepreneurship Formula


Adil Amarsi is a master copywriter

Adil Amarsi - Master Copywriter - Host of Adil Amarsi Unplugged (Top 5%)


Luis Camejo is a master at content and will be sharing how to create frictionless processes

Luis Camejo, Host of Content Is Profit (Top 2%) - Master of Frictionless Marketing


Jacob Bozarth is the CEO at and Resonate Recordings.
Mark Pafume is the VP of Sales at Podbean and here to help you get the most of your Podbean account
Hani Mourra is the CEO of that helps you automate your content and publish to 20+ platforms without lifting a finger.

Hani Mourra, CEO of - Master of Repurposing


Alex Sanfilippo is the CEO of PodPros which is creating software solutions for podcasters from guesting, to winning reviews and staying organised.

Alex Sanfillippo, CEO of PodPros - Host of Podcasting Made Simple (Top 0.5%)


Osman Okumus i one of the first persons who believed in Chris and stopped him from letting imposter syndrome make him quit.

Osman Okumus - Master Of Getting In Your Mind So You Don't Quit When It Get Tough.


Lloyd J Ross joined our agency program and we helped him launch Money Grows On Tress which ranked to #1 in Australia

We helped Lloyd J Ross make 6 figures+ in book sales with his podcast - Money Grows On Trees