Sumo Day Live 2023

Meet the founders of your favorite tools and celebrate our love of AppSumo with us. Sumo Day is AppSumo’s biggest sale of the season. Save big on dope tools to transform your business and podcast.


Black Friday Giveaway

Get ready for another LIVE EVENT with some classic crowd favorites and futuristic new deals from AppSumo this Black Friday! Hosted by AppSumo Ambassadors



Monday June 12th 2023 : Day 1 of 4

Tuesday June 13th 2023 : Day 2 of 4

Wednesday June 14th 2023 : Day 3 of 4

Thursday June 15th 2023 : Day 4 of 4

Featured Speakers

Chris Cownden, AppSumo Ambassador & CEO


Phil Better, Co-Founder


Gergely Szel, CEO of RECnGO


Alex Sanfillippo, CEO of PodPros


Pratik Thakker, CEO of INSIDEA


Cindy Burns, Member & Podcaster


Tonya Gossage

Tonya Gossage, Member & Podcaster


Rob Winters, PodOps Hosting


Maxwell Ivey Jr is a master at web accessibility and making your podcast accessible.

Maxwell Ivey Jr, Accessibility Expert


Samantha Hendersen

Samantha Hendersen, Member & Podcaster


Wilfredo Otero, Member & Podcaster


Mike Audi, TIKI


William Hodges, AppSumo

Adryenn Ashley, World Renowned Web3 Expert


Austin Armstrong, CEO of


Deirdre Tshien, CEO of Capsho


Lisa Khera, Member & Podcaster


Brenden Kuramasamy, MasterTalks


Alex Lychovez, INSIDEA


Sarah St John is The Frugalpreneur Podcaster

Sarah St John, The Frugalpreneur


Dante Healy

Dante Healy, Member & Podcaster


Sandra Idjoski, CollabWriting


Aaron Morris, Choppity


Rob Actis, Podcast Evangelist at Podopolo


Jacob Bozarth, CEO of


Ericka Bates, Member & Podcaster


Daouda Tamboura, Member & Podcaster


Jamarr John Johnson, Entrepremedian

Melinda Wittstock, Podopolo


Jack Phan, AirDeck


Mohamadi Tapsoba is the CEO of TAWTHEME and an SEO expert who will show you how to dominate the SEO game for your podcast

Mohamadi Tapsoba, TAWTHEME


Ivan Ralic, CollabWriting


Zara Anita Paul

Zara Anita Paul, Choppity