TidyCal vs Calendly: Making The Right Choice For Your Business

Are you curious about the differences between these two tools? Well, you’re in luck! Join David Kelly from AppSumo Originals as he shares TidyCal’s pricing strategy compared to that of other brands in the market like Mailchimp.

In this episode, David Kelly from AppSumo Originals share his insights on how TidyCal and Mailchimp differentiate and what makes TidyCal better for your business.

Sumolings can enjoy the best deals possible without compromising on quality. TidyCal offers an unbeatable price of $29 for a lifetime deal, making it a steal compared to others in the market.

Switching from Mailchimp to tools like SendFox can result in substantial savings. Imagine saving over $700 in Mailchimp fees! By providing products at thin margins, AppSumo aims to bring everyday steel prices to loyal customers.

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