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Chris Cownden

The podcast that got me hired at AppSumo, INSIDEA and Castmagic. I ask the most simplest of questions to experts who are in-demand expert to discover actionable step that other people like me can take to attract bigger and better career opportunities, Talking With Experts is all about helping you become an expert in your field. We bring on experts who are in-demand, have build a strong brand and know what it takes to become a key person of influence. If you feel undervalued, unworthy of success or want to bring your expertise to the masses, this podcast is for you. Perfect for career changers, unsatisfied employees or struggling podcasters...

Talking With Experts
Kensley Meeks Kensley Meeks

Kensley Meeks

Host of Curls & Courage
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The secret to a successful podcast is the people behind it—you must have a community. Chris is a great community builder and can help you make that happen.

David Hooper


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